Don't Settle for Second-Rate Spirits

Bring home a bottle of our premium gin

Say goodbye to boring spirits and open your taste buds up to a real adventure. We make a top-notch gin that's easy to drink and packed with flavor. Whether you're making a gin and tonic or a Tom Collins, you'll be able to taste the Old Boise Spirits difference.

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There's no wrong time to make a cocktail

Looking for an excuse to make a delicious gin cocktail? You don't need one. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or just relaxing after a long week, a refreshing cocktail with Old Boise Spirits gin will hit the spot.

Our gin is perfect for:

  • Date night: Spice things up with a bold gin and tonic.
  • Holiday dinners: Treat your friends and family to a delicious gin gimlet.
  • Book club: Keep the conversation going with a mouthwatering negroni.

Pick up a bottle of our gin today.

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