Celebrate With High-Quality Spirits

Bring home a bottle of top-tier vodka

On the hunt for a versatile vodka or a great-tasting gin? You've come to the right place! Old Boise Spirits makes high quality spirits from all-natural ingredients. Whether you're making a martini or a bloody mary, our liquor is sure to enhance any cocktail you make.

Be sure to check out our upcoming tasting events where you can sample our liquor. Pick up a bottle of our gin or vodka today.

Unwind With a Specialty Cocktail

Treat yourself to a refreshing gin and tonic

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Sip on something special

Every specialty cocktail starts with a specialty liquor.

If you're hosting a get together with friends and family, make sure you stock up on liquor from Old Boise Spirits. Your guests will love our gin and vodka.

Need a food pairing for a gin cocktail? Gin drinks pair perfectly with:

Cucumber sandwiches: Keep things light and refreshing with a fizzy gin drink.
Smoked salmon: The herbal notes in our gin are great for smoky meats.
Fish and chips: Brighten up a hearty dish with a smooth gin cocktail.

Pick up one of our delicious spirits today. Our liquor is sold at stores across Idaho.

Impress your customers with top-tier vodka

Need to restock the bar at your restaurant or lounge? Order your gin and vodka from Old Boise Spirits. We're a premium spirits company and we use only the finest ingredients to craft flavorful, well-balanced spirits. We also host tasting events to benefit local charities and can set up a tasting at your restaurant or bar.